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Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training Communications training in Perth

In this tailored course you’ll receive the skills you need to ensure your presentation is the one people remember. You will learn to:

  • Understand it’s not just about content
  • Fully prepare
  • Identify your objective
  • Create a clearly defined action
  • Structure the material so your audience can digest and act
  • Understand the wants and needs of the audience
  • Use your visual aids appropriately
  • Work on your body language, pace and delivery
  • Know how to handle the awkward question from the audience
  • Begin and end brilliantly.

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The next Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training with James Lush take place on:

27 June 2018

29 August 2018

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Tailor-made to meet your needs

No matter how big your audience, James Lush’s training will help you develop a successful presentation with professional tactics for structure, content and delivery.

James has more than 20 years’ experience in the media, including as a broadcaster for the BBC and ABC. With more than 25,000 interviews under his belt, he’s perfectly poised to guide you towards becoming a polished and confident presenter.

Our public speaking courses in Perth are unlike any other because they’re designed around a number of short sessions. This multi-session program gets incredible results.

By taking this approach, you are able to apply your new skills to the creation and delivery of a forthcoming presentation, giving each training session a real purpose that produces results.

Our staff found that the training really helped demystify the media and improved our confidence in getting our work and expertise out to a much broader audience. The great thing about working with Lush is that it was an overall media workshop; it didn’t just involve straight media training of person to camera or one on one interviews; it also made us hone and improve our communication skills, which has been great whether we were talking to the media or working on a presentation.
Susan Kreemer Pickford, Engineers Australia.

Ready to deliver a winning presentation?

Give James a call on +61 08 9228 3380 or email him to chat about your needs.


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