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John Hughes Service Department Demystifying a customer service experience

The Brief

The client, John Hughes Service Department, was aware that having your car serviced was one of those things in life that people consider a chore and never something that anyone looks forward to.

They wanted to show how easy the whole process can be at John Hughes, dispel the myths of hidden costs and having to wait around all day for your car, while reinforcing the importance they place on trustworthiness, transparency and good communication.

The client had provided a few examples from competitors of the sort of videos they liked but were open to suggestions as to the best way to nail the content for their audience – which, in this case, meant women in particular.

The Solution

After meeting the internal stakeholders at John Hughes and talking through their priorities and key messages, Lush’s creative team got to work. We scouted the location and defined the need for the audience to see the process as one easy – and really quite pleasant – journey through servicing their car.

Our producer wrote a script that covered the different stages of the process, while incorporating each of the client’s key messages. We then provided a script and photo storyboard to the client for their approval. We employed a female presenter to appeal to their primary audience.

The Result

A simple, energetic and lively summary of how easy it is to have your car serviced at John Hughes, from start to finish, wrapped up in a 90-second video.

Having a video on your landing page
can boost conversions by 80%.

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*Source: Wyzowl


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