About you

It’s in the way you work…

… and the values we share. Because content creation doesn’t start and end with a video or an article, it’s the opportunity to tell a story that demonstrates the work you champion and the team you lead. A story that comes from the DNA of your company and one that’s newsworthy for your audience. The way you work is remarkable and your content should be remarked upon. It’s what makes up your brand content strategy.

Our shared values

Our shared values guide our dialogue with you through the entire creative content production process. It’s how we produce work that your audience will genuinely care about. These values are ingrained in our process. Like the unwritten promise of a great media outlet, we aim to tell stories that are authentic, newsworthy, and transparent.

Authentic content

At Lush, we strive to create content that feels authentic, trustworthy, and genuine to your audience. If you fully open your doors to us, we have the best chance of creating work that is true to your brand and comes from your company’s DNA.

Newsworthy content

In the briefing and research stages of a project, we relentlessly hunt for a newsworthy angle. Something that makes your business remarkable. When we tell remarkable stories, we create content that is worthy of being remarked upon.

Transparent content

Transparency is key to winning the trust of your audience. While our content is of the highest media quality, we strive to tell stories in the most natural light to show your truest and best colours. For the best results, this requires everyone involved – our team and your team – to be open and honest throughout the process.

You’re a consumer before you’re a client

As content consumers, we actively seek out content we can trust and content that speaks to us and our worldview. The same is true for our audiences, the ones we’re desperately trying to reach and connect with. So, when we make content marketing, we first hold a mirror up to ourselves as consumers; because, what we know to be true as consumers should remain true as we jump the fence into the world of ‘creators’ and ‘clients.’

During the creative content development stage, we encourage everyone in the room to think about what they like to watch, listen to, or read. Your instincts around what makes captivating content come from being a consumer before being a client.

Brendan Lobo, Client Services Director

Newsworthy content creators: what makes Lush, Lush?

It’s our media mindset. The one that filters into all aspects of our content development; from the moment we meet a new project, through to the agile production, and the integrated amplification strategy. This mindset, of course, begins with our people – award-winning filmmakers, journalists, broadcasters, creative writers, strategists, animators, and audio producers.

Our media mindset