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Editorial at Lush

Written content can have the power to captivate your audience. To show them what you stand for, who you serve, and how you’re making meaningful change in their lives. And not just any words will do. When your brand owns a written blueprint – with its tone of voice, personality, motivations – your readers will see themselves reflected back to them. Because storytelling isn’t about words, it’s about connection.

Lush has built one of the most dynamic copywriting agencies in Perth. Our writers know how to be your co-pilot when trying to get your ideas off the ground. They also know how to land them safely, all the while firmly leaving it in your team’s hands to choose its final destination and direction.

A word after a word after a word is power.

Margaret Atwood

Building your editorial roadmap with our content agency

The secret to great copy is always found in the hands (and hearts) of your audience. As humans we have a deep need to connect and if your brand can cultivate that connection via storytelling, anything is possible. As creative writers, poets, journalists, and feature writers; our editorial team extend their skills into copywriting and blog writing to tell stories that speak to your readers, not at them. Then there’s the strategic integration of SEO copywriting, but never at the expense of connection.

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Longer form articles and whitepapers thrive with journalistic integrity. This means that your editorial partners need to work alongside a deep investigative process – and that usually starts with reviewing what’s already out there. There’s no point embarking on an article that already exists. Sure, writing alongside a cultural narrative is one thing, but what do you have to say that adds to the conversation, presents a unique point of view, or challenges the content already in the zeitgeist? This is where our writers begin, and it always leads them to produce content of high value; content that your audiences care to read.

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Designed for a specific campaign objective, or for the entirety of your brand, Lush’s editorial team craft key messages that have the power to transcend any communication output – advertising, social media, articles, press releases, media interviews, speeches, internal comms, stakeholder relations. Following a strategic workshop session, Lush’s writers mine for the brand’s personality, values, and tone alongside the tactical mission and business objectives. What you will be left with are strong, specific key messages that can act as a compass for any communications material you want produced.

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As a media-minded agency structured like a newsroom, we know what journalists and producers want from a PR pitch. When we write press releases, we write with the end reader, viewer, or listener in mind. We are not speaking directly to the journo, rather, we are using their language to speak to their audience. Pitching them a story they have to tell. With our sharpened media instincts – whether it be online media, newspapers, television, magazines, or radio – we find the gold in your story and package it in a way that adds value to the media platform and their audience.

Similar to our key messaging process, Lush’s writers work within the agency’s podcasting team to write key messages for the whole show, and per episode. They also ensure the conversation is always working toward the business’s objectives and brand direction. As well as this, copywriting plays an integral role in the distribution strategy. On-brand and captivating words are needed to succinctly describes the essence of each conversation while also linking to a broader SEO strategy. 

The words that support filmmaking

Lush specialises in media-quality film production and, even though they couldn’t tell the difference between a HDR and UHD, our editorial team is never far behind. The words that accompany your film on YouTube, social media channels, your website, a landing page, an internal email – this copy has the power to entice your audience to hit play, stay, and then click share.

Beyond the standard, we also work with the film department to create a more detailed user experience (UX). This can mean anything from online campaign creation – which is done in collaboration with our digital advertising partner and our editorial team – to an accompanying blog strategy as lead-generating content. 

Lush has a reputation for high-grade film production. We have producers, animators, creative directors, editors, and storyboarders; but what ties it all together? Storytelling. In an editorial capacity, we work to thread the pieces of strategic business objectives, brand identity, and key messages to write a script. Sometimes, the script is word for word and other times there is fluidity to the words that allow the producer to work with the energy of the talent – whatever the project requires.

One of my favourite quotes on storytelling is by Steven Pressfield who says, ‘No one wants to read your sh*t.’ It’s the harsh truth. We’re served thousands of stories every day and, if we produce anything but remarkable, relatable, memorable content; we’re simply contributing to the sh*t .

Clare Reid, Senior Copywriter
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