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With today’s oversaturation of video and podcasting content, audiences now have an abundance of choice. Therefore, it’s not enough to just simply record something and put it out there. If you want your content to make a real impact, it needs to be well-crafted enough to grab the audience’s attention, and hold it, and inspire them to share it with others. 

There are key skills that will set your content apart, and those are the skills we share in our video production workshops and podcast workshops. Knowing how to adequately plan, deciding which equipment to use, and possessing versatile production skills are the minimum requirements to give your video or podcasting content a chance at success. This goes double for brands because their content isn’t just trying to entertain audiences, but also deliver a call to action. 

While knowing the bare minimum can help you in the short term, it won’t be a viable long-term strategy to keep your content competitive. You want to have malleable skills that are able to fit your needs no matter where your career takes you. That’s what we have kept in mind when designing our video and podcast training. 

Learn with our creative director, Gav

Having over a decade’s experience in professional digital production, Gav is one of the most knowledgeable and valuable video and podcast professionals in Perth. His extensive work in marketing and advertising means that he’s worked intimately with most types of equipment and on most types of productions. 

When you’ve had hands-on training with us, you will be able to confidently produce your own content using real-world techniques. The core principles we teach don’t change no matter what equipment you’re using.

Gavin Carroll, Creative Director

How the video production workshops and podcast workshops are run

The workshop is split into two separate parts; an initial five hour session to learn core skills, and a second three and a half hour session to build on those core skills. This allows you to take the skills you have learned in part one and shoot your own personal short video project. In the second session one-two weeks later, Gav reviews your work and provides practical feedback and additional training as needed. 

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What you will learn: 

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