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Corporate communications that speak the language of your internal advocates

Your biggest advocates are the people who are a part of what you’re creating. They’re your colleagues and they have the power to shape the story that’s told about your brand or business out in the world.

If your corporate communications strategy is solely focused on external content, you’re missing an opportunity to tell the story of your brand to the people who care about it the most – your internal audience. Just like your customers, they have a set of motivations, needs, pain points, and worldviews. Our corporate communications services speak to them in their language, having has the power to shape corporate culture and drive forward a unified brand story.

“Integrity is when we say the same things publicly that we say privately.”

Simon Sinek

Corporate communication services and tools

At our communications agency, engagement is not just a Facebook stat

Keeping your internal audiences abreast of external campaigns is often overlooked. But a vital part of your content strategy is engagement with your internal audiences. Ensuring that they have their voices heard throughout the research phase, presenting iterations (within reason) along the way, and sharing content before it goes live – they’re all ways that the team at Lush connect your corporate comms strategy with your external content/marketing strategy. It’s a truly integrated approach.

Prelude recruitment film for Shell
Animated training film for Bankwest
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