Strategic Communications

It’s not enough to simply communicate.

“Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Sun Tzu

It’s not enough to simply communicate – you need to do so with a detailed strategic plan driving your communication objectives, best achieved by working in partnership with a content strategy agency.

The field of communications is expansive. It encompasses everything from staff induction material to public relations, community engagement, and large marketing campaigns. Without strategy, tactics in any of these areas can easily lead to stakeholder confusion, burnout for your marketing team, and even the failure of your business.

You first need to be crystal clear on who you’re communicating with, why you need to communicate, and what business objectives this communication helps you achieve. This is where Lush shines. Our expert storytellers fuse the logic of good strategy and the magic of great storytelling to help businesses connect with their audiences.

Content strategy

Great content has the power to start conversations or even champion change. But for that to happen, it usually means that a lot of strategic thinking has already taken place.

Content without strategy only adds to the noise, distraction, and overstimulation of the media landscape. Utilising content as a vehicle for achieving business goals is a whole other thing. Our work at Lush is always guided by a brand’s specific business objectives. At our agency, creating content for content’s sake simply doesn’t make the cut.

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Corporate communications

Often corporate communications is focused on external marketing efforts. But with this outward focus, you might be forgetting the most important audience of all – your staff. The people who work at your company can be your biggest brand advocates and designing content that engages and delights your staff can drive a unified brand story.

Whether you need support with website copy, staff newsletters, or customer brochures; Lush’s copywriting team will help you get to the heart of your brand proposition, messaging, and tone of voice for your internal audience.

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Stakeholder relations

For large companies, third-party stakeholders such as investors, government agencies, and suppliers are vital to their continued success. Regular, targeted communication with these stakeholder groups can fall by the wayside in the busyness of day-to-day operations. The stakes are often incredibly high for content aimed at this audience, making ROI even more crucial.

Ask our long-term corporate clients why they use Lush time and time again, and you will hear them talk about one or more of these reasons: our in-depth understanding of their needs, our mastery of the creative brief, our professionalism and empathy, the quality of our work, and the fast turnaround.

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