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Connecting to your audience with (the right) words

For some, it’s hard to just get started. For others, it’s about finding the right words to articulate what’s already in their head. And, on top of that, there’s brand voice, grammar, sentence structure, and breaking through the thousands of messages your audience has already read that day.

This written communication training course, hosted by Senior Copywriter Clare Reid, is an investment into your skills as a writer; to strengthen the content and craft of each piece you produce with a deep focus on connecting to your readers. When they see themselves in your writing, they a) keep reading, and b) begin to care what you have to say.

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Words are the flesh of thought. I see each sentence as being a unit of energy.

Charles Johnson

Course structure

We will start the day with writing to a brief, knowing your audience, and your channel; and then work towards a more in-depth look at strategic writing (i.e. writing with an objective and keeping your content on-brand). From there, we will dive further into the more formulaic elements of the craft of writing such as sentence structures, word choice, and effective editing.

What you will learn: 

Tailoring the course to suit you

No two writing courses are the same. You can speak with Senior Copywriter Clare Reid, to design the course that best suits your team – while some want to focus on a particular writing output like longform op-ed articles and social media, others want to spend more time on breaking habits to reignite a unique brand voice.

A short survey also goes out to all writing attendees prior to the session so that they can have a say in what they learn.

The time it takes

Lush’s writing course usually runs for four hours (including a 20-minute lunch break); however, the choice is yours. We have created writing courses that run for 45 minutes within a larger media training day, and 2-hour courses to fit within tighter schedules.
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