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Creating content that inspires people to act

As a content strategy agency, the kind of connection that we strive for with each piece of content – it may be a blog post, a new website with a suite of videos, or a social media campaign – must always be driven by a smart strategy. We like to think of it as the sweet spot. It’s the place where the logic of insightful strategy and the magic of great storytelling meet.

This focus on content strategy first means that the content is real, it has a tangibility to it that can almost be felt. The audience knows that the piece is for them, they can feel the heart, and connect effortlessly to the messages.

A lot of content agencies agencies will say that content is king, but content is meaningless if there’s no connection. At Lush, we know that connection is king and the way to achieve this is with a clear content strategy.

“Organisations that destroy the status quo win. Whatever the status quo is, changing it gives you the opportunity to be remarkable.”

Seth Godin

What’s your company all about?

If the thought of this question scares you, you’re not alone. There was a time when we didn’t know what we stood for or who we were. Where did Lush fit in the market? What’s the essence of us as a brand? How does that align with our staff and their experiences? What did our audience want from us?

“We went through a brand identity process to discover who we were and how that aligned with our business and the market. And here we are, Perth’s prestige media-minded content agency. This is a position that is in our DNA, we just needed to discover it.”

Mike Drysdale, Creative Content Strategist

Brand content strategy, driven by deep investigation

Beginning with a deep dive workshop with you and your team, we extract all the information we need to identify and write your brand essence, value proposition, brand story, brand personality, and tone. Not as deep as a full brand strategy, the brand identity process will guide your brand into the next stage of communications – that video you always wanted to create, a suite of blog articles, launching a podcast etc.

Now you know who you are and what makes you different, you can start creating content with purpose.

“Our briefing process condenses all of that rich strategy and gets to the heart of the content. This process connects every area of the agency with a thread of creative thinking – it’s a skill we really nurture within the agency.” 

Clare Reid, Senior Copywriter
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