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With a fully equipped studio, editing suite, and a highly experienced team of videographers, animators, and editors; we create video marketing content that has the power to engage your target audience. That’s the first step, getting your audience to care about what you have to say. From there it’s all about creating video marketing content that has the power to meet your business objectives – branding comms, a perception change, tactical outcomes; it’s all on the table.

  • Corporate videos
  • Documentary shorts
  • Branded videos
  • TVCs
  • Animated videos
  • Live event streaming

“We all come from a media background, so our video production naturally takes on a newsworthy quality. First and foremost – and what our clients care about most – is that our video work draws in the audience and makes them want to see what happens next.”

Gavin Carroll, Creative Director

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Audiences respond to brands that live out their ‘transparency’ value, allowing a behind-the-scenes look into the inner workings of the company. It gives them a chance to see how a company truly acts, plans, and produces in its own market. A documentary film strategy also creates relatable ‘characters’ and stories that people can really connect with; they begin to see the world through the eyes of your brand. From there comes engagement and sales.

With our documentary style shorts, we rely on a strong narrative, reinforced with natural footage overlays to be less ‘set up’ and ‘choreographed.’ Why would this be beneficial? Choreographed videos can blend into the mass of other corporate videos. And when you want to stand out and make your own impact through media, you need to find your point of difference.

Branded videos

No more cookie cutter moulds of content creation where corporate videos are concerned. Animation, micro-content for socials, documentary style shorts, informational videos, branded entertainment – it’s all part of corporate video production.

Lush has been producing corporate videos for a long time, so we know that no two videos are ever the same. In fact, we work with you to find the needs of your company and build the vision with you. Whether you want an informative video, documentary behind the scenes, animation, or even a piece of branded entertainment, Lush are here to help build and facilitate your vision.

Lush has filmed, produced, and edited TVCs for numerous campaigns over the last two and a half decades, making us a predominant player in the TVC production in Perth. In fact, Lush is known for being a TVC production company due to the high profile clients we’ve worked with. Our clients don’t just come to us for the creation, but also for the strategy, distribution, and evaluation of its performance.

CBH brand film


Animations can make a larger impact to your audience by engaging in colourful, comedic, and/or conversational videos. Through the use of our animation production in Perth, you can watch your content come to life without having to coordinate an entire corporate film shoot. When time is of value, turn to animation.

Live events

Lush the Content Agency regularly covers live and virtual events and, when the whole industry all but shut down with the onset of Covid-19, they became the lifeblood of film storytelling. Clients began to see how live streaming and virtual events could effectively maintain a connection with their audiences. And we, as audiences, embraced it too.

From the WA Ballet to a completely virtual ANZAC service, Lush became the go-to live events agency in Perth. We have worked with many clients, including:

  • Black Swan Theatre
  • WA Ballet
  • Nutcracker live – packaged for broadcast
  • Live stream award ceremony – National Real Estate awards
  • Global – Museum Opening
  • Argyle Diamonds – Online virtual viewing experience

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“Lush is such a trusted partner. They really make an effort to know the business of the ballet, and this is not only reflected in the quality of the work they do with us, but also in the fabulous relationship we have with them. Some of the behind-the-scenes videos we have produced with Lush have garnered our highest social media traction and interaction.”

Suzanne Beecroft, West Australian Ballet.
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