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Our media mindset

The Lush approach was born out of our founders’ broadcasting philosophy. You can expect media quality content from us, every time; it’s a part of what drives us as a corporate communications agency.

When we speak of our media mindset, we mean our ability to harness the pace and integrity of a prestige newsroom, while approaching your project with journalistic integrity. We draw out the most important aspects of a story to shape compelling narratives – to tell newsworthy stories.

Through the whole process, you can expect an organised, agile, and empathetic team that listens and adapts to changes on the fly – from the moment we start a new project, through to production and amplification.

Meet our team

Our content creation strategy

Over the years, we have refined our approach to creating newsworthy content. This method enables us to fuse the logic of good strategy with the magic of great storytelling to help you connect with your audience. The Lush approach is one that our long-term clients are familiar with and – combined with our focus on creating content that is authentic, newsworthy, and transparent – it’s proven to be a winning formula.

We find comfort in the pace of a media environment. Yet, the injection of creativity and strategic thinking are what guide us to meet your business objectives. From there, it’s all about creating the opportunity for the right people to engage with your content at the right time, via the right medium. Getting this formula right is how we amplify results.

Alex Lush, Head of Production

We listen

Understanding your project

From our first interaction, our focus is on truly understanding your needs and drawing out the most important aspects of a story. In the initial briefing stage, our team are naturally curious, active listeners. All the cards are put on the table, so Lush is able to see the gold and create a great brief.

We think

Gathering intel

Once we lock in a winning brief, it’s time to gather intel. At this stage, our team gather data to inform our creative strategy. We research, workshop, interview and survey to connect all the pieces of the puzzle. This is where the right strategy starts to reveal itself. Through this process, we uncover the most captivating angles, develop stories, and cultivate the best way to bring it all to life.

We create

Production time

Production time is where our media mindset shines. On set, our award-winning team takes the strategy and runs with it. In content production, you can expect a professional and empathetic team that can pivot at the drop of a hat. This is where the scripts, storyboards, animation, motion graphics and video production happen. If it’s editorial output that you’re after, our writers develop stories that jump off the page to grab your readers’ attention.

We amplify

Your success is our compass

Fitting with our media mindset, we know that your content is only as good as the opportunity for it to be consumed. A great piece of content is wasted without distribution or amplification. Part of Lush’s dialogue with you will be about the purpose of the content and how to get the most out of it. If you need our help with this, we’ll work with our agency partners to come up with the best media strategy.

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Your award-winning agency partner

  • 2017 Content Marketing Award Finalist: Agency of the Year for agencies with less than 100 employees
  • 2016 Content Marketing Award Winner: Best Transportation Publication for Traction News
  • 2016 Content Marketing Award Finalist: Project of the Year for Traction News
  • 2015 Content Marketing Award Winner: Best Motivational Video or Video Series for Ronald McDonald House
  • 2015 Content Marketing Award Finalist: Best podcast for Brand Newsroom
  • 2014 Fundraising Institute Australia “Most Outstanding Fundraising Project of the Year” – Ronald McDonald House – Lush created the video
  • 2013 CareerOne Recruitment Advertiser of the Year Award – Rio Tinto recruitment campaign focusing on Marandoo and Hope Downs 4 – Lush created all the videos and imagery
  • 2012 Telstra WA Micro Business Award