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Often, companies come to us needing support with last-minute projects. While we are well-versed in helping clients meet urgent deadlines, planning long-term is a much better strategy for your brand’s success.

The key to lasting marketing success is really, quite simple. Once you are clear on who your audience is, what their needs and interests are, and how your business is uniquely placed to solve their pain points, the rest is all about clarity and consistency.  Having a long-term content creation agency partner that really gets your business, inside and out, can elevate your marketing and support your internal team with skills and resources that would otherwise be unattainable. That’s where Lush retainers come in.

Introducing Lush retainers

If you need ongoing and consistent communications support, it’s worth considering a Lush retainer. Generally speaking, retainers are recurring agreements that reserve a set amount of agency time for your business marketing needs. The exact services included can be discussed and agreed upon at the commencement of the retainer, and are regularly reviewed to ensure they are the best use of retainer hours.

The benefit of content creation retainers

We know how busy it can get when you’re in and on the business every day. In this environment, it’s easy for your marketing goals to be continually pushed to the side. Despite the best of intentions, your efforts can fall short time and time again.

Lush retainers give you access to a regular agency partner that is always focused on your vision. They set aside time with our expert team of strategists, storytellers, media specialists, video producers, directors, animators and writers to use as required. Our retainer packages can be tailored to your needs, whether that is focused on monthly video content each month or a mix of strategy, training and content production.

Lush retainer packages

Our retainer packages are designed to custom fit your company’s particular needs. As a starting point, we have three common retainer packages that we then tailor to fit your business. Those packages are:

Our retainer model

We genuinely want our clients to succeed, and have a retainer model that helps us to help you make this happen. Our model is cyclic and has five pillars that are outlined below. After entering a Lush retainer agreement, our team will work with you through these five pillars:

Talk to one of our staff about how a retainer might help your business.

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4Who is the intended audience?
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