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Audio content that people love to listen to

In this ever-changing landscape of media, people are searching for different mediums and forms of entertainment. Enter podcasting. Or more specifically, corporate podcast production.

Podcasts have jumped in attraction, especially post COVID. With many people turning to audio entertainment and informative podcasts, you can join the ranks and work with a podcast production agency. With a fully equipped studio for hire, our in-house team can help build your sonic branding, tone of voice, and audio content strategy. Then, once the production is done, we can assist with distribution and growth.

Why podcasts are good for your brand

While podcasts represent a shift in the media consumption habits for Australians of all ages, they also signal a new opportunity for brands to connect with their audiences in a way that no other medium can offer. What’s more of a powerful way to reach potential customers than being able to speak directly in their ears on a regular basis?

If an audience finds your podcast genuinely valuable, stimulating and engaging, it can create meaningful brand loyalty. This is unlike an ad where it’s usually shoved down the audience’s throats, leaving many finding your brand annoying. A podcast allows the audience to choose when they consume your content, and instead of annoyance, they receive pleasure, relaxation and enjoyment. 

Producing a podcast that has these effects is not an easy task. However, if you succeed, you will be rewarded with a loyal audience and a cost-effective way to reach new customers. Podcasts can also provide reliable, real-time data on the audience’s listening habits, which helps to fine tune the show to their liking and improve other marketing efforts. 

A podcast that goes the distance

Despite, the medium’s popularity, nine out of ten podcasts fail to reach 20 episodes. It’s quite the dystopian vantage point, but there are plenty of ways to make sure your podcast goes the distance.

To capitalise on Australians’ growing interest in podcasts, you need a strong team, a clear strategy, and the highest quality equipment. That’s where Lush comes in.

As a media-minded agency that’s focused on staying at the cutting edge of content consumption, we have assembled a team who are experienced and skilled in the medium. Our team has a deep understanding of corporate podcast production strategy, how they should look and feel, what equipment to use, and how to sell it to the right audience – no matter what niche it operates in. How do we know? Because we have a history of making them ourselves.

Planning with a podcast production agency

The first thing we do is help your brand decide what niche your podcast will serve. This means holding a unique and clear value offer that sets you apart from any other established podcasts serving the same audience. Most importantly, your niche must also be able to convert your listeners into customers or followers; that’s what it’s all for at the end of the day.

After we help you home in on your niche, the next step is to define a brand identity for the podcast. This involves securing the following:

  • The show’s name
  • Visual branding – logo, colours, fonts etc.
  • Sonic branding – theme music, transition sounds, intro sting etc.
  • The content – anything from talking points to a word-for-word script
  • Set design/ framing and camera angles (if you wish the podcast to include a visual element)
  • Timing – how long each episode is and what sections it will include
  • The right host and guests to invite – this can closely relate to a new business strategy

While these are just some of the key decisions, they are all as important as each other because the wrong mix can make or break a show.

If the initial creation process is done correctly, most of the decisions made will only have to be made once. However, minor alterations could occur for later episodes as the show starts to appeal to feedback, audience data, requests, and other factors.

Pre-production / production

Building on the planning stage, a script will be determined that includes your desired key messages and talking points. The hosts will practise, and the crew will set up the studio. Now you’re good to go.

At first, getting into the groove of things will take time. Podcasts are meant to sound natural, and even the most experienced podcasters will take some time before they have a flow with the script provided. In the likely event of this happening, the Lush podcast team has an array of techniques that can help get the flow going.

Post-production and distribution

In the final stages of podcast production, we work our editing magic. This is arguably one of the most important steps as a poor edit can turn off audiences, no matter how well everything else was done.

Part of this end process includes distribution and promotion. We ensure your podcast is available everywhere it possibly can be, creating micro content, identifying relevant communities where the podcast can be spread to, influencer cross-promotions, and paid promotions.

Case study: Breaking Barriers podcast for Matchworks

The Breaking Barriers podcast came about through exploring new content opportunities for Lush’s long term client, Matchworks. As their content partner, the Lush team delved into research to create a content strategy that would drive home the brand’s message and connect meaningfully with their audience. We created a podcast that explored remarkable stories about why work matters, particularly through the eyes of people living with disability; presented in an engaging audio format that could truly bring the stories to life.

The Lush team handled production from start to finish; from the recording and editing of the podcast itself to graphic design work complementing the finished audio. The resulting series is an emotional journey covering a diverse collection of experiences, with the common goal of sharing how work has changed their lives for the better. You can listen to the Breaking Barriers podcast here.

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