9 Reasons Content Marketers Should Use Pop-up Boxes

May 9, 2016
Content Marketing

Are you using pop-up boxes on your website? You know what I’m talking about — those forms that magically appear when you visit a site for the first time (or every time) encouraging you to sign up for a newsletter or some other form of regular content. When and where they show up varies but one thing is certain, they’re here to stay because they work.

If you’re feeling sceptical, don’t worry. I resisted using pop-ups, also called list builders, for years. For someone dedicated to ‘pull marketing’ they seemed shouty and even obnoxious. I felt they ruined the user experience. When I started to hear other marketers tell me how effective they were, I had to reconsider, especially with reports of 40 to 50 per cent annual list growth.

Here are nine reasons why I’m now a fan of pop-up list builders:

If one of the main goals of content marketing is to build an exclusive audience to use for your marketing efforts — and I believe it is — list building software is an easy and effective way of doing that. Once it’s set up, it chugs along in the background encouraging new visitors to opt in to your mailing list.

Pop-up box pitfalls to avoid

But please, let me offer advice on what not to do, to ensure your readers don’t leave your site as soon as they encounter a pop-up box:

If you’re not already using list builders or pop-up software, check out some of the products currently available. Think of all the readers that might not be aware you have a list or would rather get your content delivered to their inbox than have to search for it. And remember, if you set it up correctly, it’s a good experience for the reader. If they don’t want to join your list, they don’t have to. My only regret is that I waited so long to start.


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