BNR 102: In-person events are content with impact

Aug 23, 2016
Brand Newsroom Marketing Podcast

Brands can’t afford to be “faceless” organisations. They need to interact with their customers, engage with them, gauge their reactions and get their feedback. In-person events are a great way to do that.

This week’s guest, Meesha Stacker, has been working in events for a decade. For the past three and a half years she has been at acQuire Technology Solutions — a data management mining software company — where she has implemented a very successful events strategy.

Today the Brand Newsroom team chats to Meesha about how to get in-person events right.

Here are some key take-outs:

“If you look at the Content Marketing Institute’s research, in-person events are the number one content marketing tactic for both B2B and B2C. — Sarah


“I love in-person events because they bring out a personality and another kind of connection you could never achieve with a five or six page document. You’re bringing people together and it’s so powerful.” — Nic


“We don’t have a huge budget. We’re smart with how we use the money. For each event we put on, we make sure we can get the most out of each event… Market leading up to the event and utilise what happened at that event afterwards, so you have that presence for a lot longer.” — Meesha Stacker, acQuire


“In-person events are a way to bring life and personality to your brand. You can make a big and lasting impact with people and it makes them more comfortable doing business with you.” — Meesha

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