BNR 103: Humour, social media and going viral

Brand Newsroom
Aug 30, 2016
Brand Newsroom Marketing Podcast

Today the Brand Newsroom team looks at how brands use humour to interact with their customers on social media. Is it ever a good idea? Or can it spectacularly backfire? And, sometimes, are brands perhaps using humour in the hope they will “go viral”, rather than focusing first on marketing principles and giving customers the good service they expect.

Here are some key take-outs:

First up, here’s the article about Tesco responding to the tweet about their mobile product. 


“You could easily just ignore it but Tesco has jumped on it, they’ve seen it as an opportunity to be witty and capture some attention.” — James



“You don’t want to offend people, you want to bring people along.” — Sarah



“There are certain brands out there that try a little too hard. It’s very obvious and you will pay for it.” — Nic

Here are the links you might need

Have you heard the one about…

Here’s James, Sarah and Nic’s discussion with Jordana Borensztijn about using humour in your content… 


And here’s a discussion from last week about dealing with PR disasters…

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