BNR 110: Bernadette Jiwa puts the love back into marketing

Oct 18, 2016
Brand Newsroom Marketing Podcast

Bernadette Jiwa is one of Australia’s top marketing thinkers. Author of five books including Fortune Cookie Principle and Marketing: A Love Story. Her blog — The Story of Telling — was named SmartCompany’s best Australian business blog in 2016. Bernadette challenges us to look differently at how we do marketing. Today she joins the Brand Newsroom team to talk about putting a little bit more love into our marketing.


Bernadette Jiwa
Bernadette Jiwa



Here are some key take-outs:

“The challenge for us is not to understand our product and how great the story is; the challenge is to understand why we made this thing in the first place, who we made it for and why it should matter to them.” — Bernadette Jiwa


“Too often we’re so intent on saying what we want to say that we forget to listen and observe.” — Sarah


“If you don’t like the work that you’re doing, it shows in your work.” — Bernadette Jiwa


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