BNR 119: How to get your website right

Dec 20, 2016
Brand Newsroom Marketing Podcast

What does your website look like? Are you happy with it? Is it working for you and, more importantly, is it working for your customers?

Zion Ong, director of West Australian digital marketing company Alyka, joins the BNR team to talk about what’s best practice when it comes to websites.

Here are some key take-outs:

“There was a view a long time ago, that still prevails today, that a website was a one-off project… and you could just leave it and it would continue to do its job. But websites have almost become a disposable thing.” — Sarah


“The guys who are ahead of the game are the ones who not only have a great-looking site but they have a really user-friendly site, and they make it easy for people to enquire, call, fill out a form.” — Zion Ong, Alyka


“If you can’t portray your business in a digital environment in the same way you can face to face, you’re already losing a lot of customers.” — Sarah



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