BNR 120: Our marketing and communications predictions for 2017

Dec 27, 2016
Brand Newsroom Marketing Podcast

It’s the time of year we start looking forward — making resolutions and plans for the new year. Today the Brand Newsroom team gazes into the crystal ball to see what 2017 might hold in the marketing and communications industry.

Here are some key take-outs:

“It really goes back to ensuring our customers are having good experiences, not trying to game the technology, not trying to find a silver bullet. And for me that starts with strategy.” — Sarah

 “I think a lot of companies are going to wake up to the fact that what they have been doing hasn’t been working as it should be and they need to look at a new way of doing it.” — James

“In 2017, have a review of your social media. See where it fits into your business. Review its value to your organisation.” — Nic

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Recently James, Sarah and Nic took a close look at email marketing best practice.

And the team was also joined by ADMA’s Jodie Sangster for a look at the biggest trends in content marketing predicted for 2017.

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