BNR 125: Is attack ever the best form of marketing?

Feb 1, 2017
Brand Newsroom Marketing Podcast

Is attack marketing ever a good idea? Does launching into your competitor — or perhaps a politician or someone you disagree with — ever work for a brand?

James, Nic and Sarah take a close look at where attack marketing wins and where it fails.

Here are some key take-outs:

“When I was a kid you either drank Pepsi or you drank Coke and in our house, as a family, we were divided. I love attack marketing as a technique when it’s done in a way that’s not mean.” — Sarah


“Most businesses and brands are celebrating when they see their competitor’s advertising because consumers are smarter now and they go do research — during that research phase any brand could get the business.” — Nic


“If you’re launching a grenade into the mix, what’s your next play?” — James


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