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Brand Newsroom Marketing Podcast BNR 131: Dos and don’ts of corporate video

by Brand Newsroom

Lush Digital’s senior producer, Ian Bignell, joins James and Nic to dissect the Department of Finance’s “Game Changers” video — which has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. Where did they go wrong? And how do you ensure your corporate video delivers for you and doesn’t turn you into a laughing-stock?

Here are the links you might need:

    • Watch the now famous “Game Changers” video, here.
    • And here’s that blog post James mentioned which suggests “not trying to be cooler than you are”.

Here are some key take-outs:

      • Don’t try to get real people to act. Get them to tell their story naturally, by interviewing them, instead.
      • If there’s any moment in your video that people aren’t going to find believable, the audience is going to turn off.
      • If you’re in the process of making a video and it doesn’t feel “right”, stop and start again with a new creative idea.
      • Don’t cram your script with obvious key messages.
      • The client wants the best product they can get for their budget, but the video production company needs to be honest about what is likely to work.
      • Clients should always ask any video production company (or marketing/advertising agency) for examples of their work before engaging them.
      • Brief your video production partner about what you want to achieve.

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