BNR 156 & 157: Content Marketing World 2017 Specials

Sep 12, 2017
Brand Newsroom Marketing Podcast

Brand Newsroom’s Sarah Mitchell and regular producer, Dan Hatch, attended Content Marketing World in Cleveland, Ohio, and interviewed many of the superstars of the industry. In this series of podcasts they spoke to the Content Marketing Institute’s Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, B2B legend Doug Kessler, SEO genius Andy Crestodina, research specialist Clare McDermott, the Unthinkable podcast’s Jay Acunzo and email subscription guru Adam Franklin.

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Here are the episodes and the show notes.

BNR 156 A: Joe Pulizzi at Content Marketing World 2017

Sarah and Dan caught up with Content Marketing Institute founder Joe Pulizzi for a chat about what to expect from this year’s CMW, the state of the industry in 2017, his vision for the future, his take on the King Content situation, and a few insights from the upcoming Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report for 2018.

BNR 156 B: Andy Crestodina on a content-driven approach to conversions

Sarah and Dan catch up with Andy Crestodina — co-founder and strategic director of Chicago-based Orbit Media — to discuss how to use content to drive conversions. The discussion straddles both the worlds of content marketing and SEO.

BNR 156 C: Adam Franklin on building email subscribers

Sarah meets the CEO of Australia’s Bluewire Media, Adam Franklin, at Content Marketing World in Cleveland, Ohio. The topic? How to build your email subscriber list. Adam is the co-author of Web Marketing That Works.

BNR 156 D: Unthinkable’s Jay Acunzo on how to be a more inspired and inspiring marketer

Sarah and Dan chat to one of the most exciting content marketers in the world right now, Jay Acunzo. Jay is the host of the Unthinkable podcast (subscribe to it; trust us), which is really about thinking for yourself. His keynote was about being a more inspiring and more inspired content marketer. Jay is a delight. We hope you enjoy the podcast. You can follow Jay on Twitter and Snapchat: @jayacunzo.

BNR 156 E: Doug Kessler’s Big Fat B2B Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

Sarah and Dan meet with one of the most entertaining presenters in the game: co-founder and creative partner of Velocity, in London, Doug Kessler.

Doug is on Twitter: @dougkessler. He blogs at:

Here’s the link to Doug’s strategy checklist.

BNR 156 F: Clare McDermott on the power of original research

Clare McDermott is chief consulting editor of Chief Content Officer magazine and owner of Solo Portfolio. She’s also a specialist in original research — which is a fantastic opportunity for anyone involved in content marketing. Sarah and Dan caught up with Clare right after she got off stage from interviewing the author of The Underground Railroad, Colson Whitehead. Clare is on Twitter: @SoloPortfolio.

BNR 157: Robert Rose is Killing Marketing

Robert Rose is one of the content marketing industry’s best thinkers. He and Joe Pulizzi have teamed up to write a new book, Killing Marketing, which looks at how the world’s most innovative businesses are turning content marketing from a cost into a profitable centre. Here’s a link to Killing Marketing.

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