BNR 22: Is Your Content Marketing Influencing Executive Management?

Feb 17, 2015
Brand Newsroom Marketing Podcast

Research from The Economist Group shows a big difference between how marketing departments are implementing content marketing strategies and what the C-Suite wants. Is your content marketing hitting the mark? Are you producing content to influence the way your executive team is making decisions? Are you creating content the C-Level wants to consume?

In the episode the team discusses how to engage with the budget holders. In 2015 there will be more content marketing created than ever before but is it the right type of content for the audience you’re trying to attract? Decision-makers often speak a completely different language to your brand audience.

Nic HayesSarah Mitchell and James Lush discuss how to engage with the influencers in their language and tell you what content you should be producing for top executives. 


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Image credit: MKH Marketing