BNR 37: Content Marketing With Joe Pulizzi

Photo of Joe Pulizzi being interviewed by Lucy Helliwell
May 26, 2015
Brand Newsroom Marketing Podcast

Content marketing is rapidly growing in popularity among businesses, yet there are still people out there who say they don’t ‘get’ content marketing. According to industry experts, those who report poor results from content marketing initiatives seem to fail in several common areas.

Joe PulizziThis week the Brand Newsroom team is joined by content marketing evangelist Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute. Joe has spent 15 years working in the world of content marketing so when it comes to businesses struggling with content he’s really seen it all. In this episode, he speaks about the areas he frequently sees businesses fall down in when it comes to content marketing.

Despite the common areas of error, Joe also has several success stories to share, not just from those businesses that had millions of dollars backing them, but also from those who started from nothing and amounted to huge success through content marketing.


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