BNR 92: Where to share your content

Jun 14, 2016
Brand Newsroom Marketing Podcast

There are plenty of websites out there happy to share your content for you, but are they worth the effort? Are they actually helping you get your content to a new audience that will be interested in your brand? Or are they taking advantage of all your hard work — and your willingness to give them free content? It’s a subject that got the team fired up, on this week’s Brand Newsroom.

Show Notes

“I was looking for other platforms to share my content with, platforms that wouldn’t waste my time and would add value to both the platform and my own brand, and many of the platforms just weren’t at the level they were claiming — they had audiences with no real size or influence and I was expected to give everything.” — Nic

“What we need to focus on as brands is what other companies will help to improve my reputation or help to improve my profile? So if you’re publishing, you never want to go out to a site that has less authority than you.” — Sarah

“If someone contacts you and they want your content, ask how it’s going to support both you and that particular publication they work for.” — Nic

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