BNR 21: Is Dumb Ways to Die a Smart Way to Market?

Photo of the Dumb Ways to Die dancing beans
Feb 9, 2015
Brand Newsroom Marketing Podcast

Episode #21 of Brand Newsroom debates whether Metro Train’s Dumb Ways to Die was a success. A recent opinion piece in Mumbrella calls into question whether the multiple-award-winning campaign was effective in reducing train accidents and improving rail safety. Is Dumb Ways to Die marketing or is it entertainment?

Nic Hayes, Sarah Mitchell and James Lush debate the merits of the project from the viewpoint of content marketing, PR and broadcasting.

What’s your opinion about Dumb Ways to Die?


Has Dumb Ways to Die Been Effective? 

Smart Content Marketing With Dumb Ways to Die (CCO magazine, February 2013, page 37)

CCO magazine article from February 2013 showing doubt about effectiveness of Dumb Ways to Die