BNR 77: Dos and Don’ts of Influencer Marketing

a stool with headphones on it placed between two microphones in a studio setting
Mar 2, 2016
Brand Newsroom Marketing Podcast

As we see the growth of ‘personal brand,’ we are also witnessing the birth of a new marketing method.

Sporting and entertainment are seeing individuals breaking away from the company or team brand to develop their own identity and build their own dedicated audience.  

“…if your company is creating great ‘something,’ it will have a following. When you have an audience, we have always said, you have options.” – James Lush 

This week James Lush, Sarah Mitchell and Nic Hayes discuss how companies are using influencers to reach new audiences and the impact it’s having on traditional marketing and advertising.

They look at how Fremantle Dockers star Nat Fyfe is using his personal brand as a marketing tool, and discuss what worked and what did not. 


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