One Rule of Consistently Great Content

Jul 20, 2015
Content Marketing

Nic Hayes, Managing Director of Media Stable, shares his thoughts on the importance of keeping consistency at the heart of your content marketing strategy. He believes it’s more than a discipline; it’s vital in maintaining your authority. -Ed

In a recent episode of the Brand Newsroom podcast, I raised the issue of consistency and its importance in maintaining a position of authority and leadership. Being consistent is a challenge for many as it is a commitment that often falls away when resources such as time, money and energy start to wane or shorten. The consistency trait tends to be the first casualty of all communications programs and strategies because it is first on the chopping block when things get difficult. We stop doing what we know works when other interruptions get in the way.

The reality is that unless we see immediate results, responses, or at least some traction with our target audience, then consistency can play second fiddle.  We start to lose patience and drop regular schedules, content and programs that we have put in place for our audience.

Consistency is NOT easy

It is a hard slog, and no one is denying this. It’s hard work. The energy, dedication and commitment required to go down the path of any communications program is more like a vocation than a job. The early days, weeks and months will dictate if you will pass the consistency test.

Adopting the right attitude

Consistency is an attitude more than a behaviour. You will want to go in with the right attitude from the start. You can follow these guidelines when you are producing any content for a blog, podcast, video, tweet, opinion-editorial, news release, etc.

Timing is important, and when you have built an audience they will expect you to stick to a schedule. The day you realise your consistency is paying off is when you start deviating from the schedule and your audience comes asking for it. This is a true measure that you have got your target market engaged, in line with your thoughts and requiring your content.

Keeping an eye on quality

Quality goes without saying, but keeping it at a consistent level is crucial for the ongoing success of any communication strategy. Quality does take time and is what your audience is going to judge you by. Never, at any point, can you play with it as it affects your brand.  It is better to not deliver content if the quality is not reflective of your brand.

Consistency is tough but it is what will differentiate you from other experts and authorities in your sector. Consistency builds dependability, respect, confidence and trust and this is what media, clients and stakeholders are looking for. In business we are always faced with challenges, but to be consistent can and will be an asset that your audience and customers admire.

To hear more about the importance of consistency, listen to Brand Newsroom 44: Keeping Consistent: