13 Tools to Maximise Content Marketing Amplification

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Nov 9, 2015
Digital Marketing

There’s a fallacy about content marketing that great content will rise to the top. It’s been my experience a lot of mediocre content is easily available and lots of great content never gets the attention it deserves. Why? Because a lot of awesome content never gets marketed.

Tactics to Maximise Content Amplification

A recent interview with Andy Crestodina in Chief Content Officer magazine addressed the issue of content amplification. Crestodina is the co-founder of Orbit Media Studios, a web design and development company. He writes prolifically about search analytics and the power of social media and email and how important they are to an overall content marketing strategy.

The gap between good and great (content) isn’t a quality gap; it’s a promotion gap,” says Crestodina.

He names four broad areas where modern marketers should focus to become masters at content amplification. In each category, he lists main tactics for the discipline. This is particularly useful in deciding where to invest your budget and efforts and where it makes sense to outsource. Use this as a checklist to close the gaps in your content marketing strategy.





If it seems overwhelming, consider you’re probably doing some of these things already. To zero in on where your efforts will have the most impact, Crestodina says the most successful marketers are good at three things:

  1. Influencer marketing
  2. Email list growth
  3. Keyword research/usage

The good news is you can use free tools to help you master these tactics.

Find your influencers

Grow your email list

Check out keyword and search habits

If you’ve been worried you weren’t on top of the amplification phase of your content marketing strategy, don’t worry. It’s an area most modern marketers could improve upon. It’s relatively easy to find all you need to know about a topic, the people who are influential, and the kind of social activity taking place in relation to your keywords. The difficulty is sifting through the plethora of data points and focusing on what you need to do to get your own content amplified.

What next?

Once you have a good idea on how people are searching and who is active in your area of expertise, you can begin to develop the right content to drive subscriptions. With a pop-up tool in place, expect to see a sharp increase in the number of new subscribers. That icky feeling you might have about forcing a sign-up form in front of your viewers is quickly replaced when you see your subscriber list grow. A healthy subscriber list is the first step to ensuring your content gets in front of its intended audience.

Want help?

If you’d like help coming up with an amplification plan for your content, get in touch with us. There’s no end to the ways you can market your content to reach a wider audience.

by Sarah Mitchell