How to do content marketing research

Oct 10, 2016
Content Marketing

Have you decided to embark on a content marketing strategy but don’t know where to begin? The key to a well-informed, effective strategy is comprehensive research; however, many marketers don’t know how to conduct it.

In content marketing research, you want access to the information of experts through sources like industry body reports, peer reviewed articles, survey results and studies. At the same time, you also want to gain an insight into the world of the customer through sources like online forums, social media and SEO tools.

Regardless of what sources you use to begin your content marketing research, your research should focus on three key areas.

1) Your market conditions

Your first area of research should be into the market your product or service exists in. Use research to answer the following questions:

2) Your audience

Next you should focus your research to the audience you wish to target. Use research to answer the following questions:

3) Your competitors

Lastly, it’s time to cast an eye towards your competitors and aim to answer:

The research you gather in these areas should inform every recommendation you make in your content marketing strategy, including what content your brand should create, how often it should be created, and where it should be distributed.  If you’d like help creating a well-researched content marketing strategy, contact Lush – The Content Agency.


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