Expert Content Marketing Predictions for 2016

Sarah Mitchell's content marketing prediction for 2016
Dec 15, 2015
Content Marketing

Once a year the Content Marketing Institute canvases marketers from all over the world to give their predictions on what to expect in the coming year. It’s a fun project for everyone involved. 

The 2016 predictions reflect the burgeoning maturity of the sector. The participants are more specific and show a greater understanding of a complex discipline. It’s a fantastic indicator for any content marketer to know where they should turn their attention.

I was thrilled to see my own prediction included this year. The brand newsroom model is an opportunity for anyone to own the conversation in their industry and “become” the media. It’s especially good for B2B businesses who might not be getting the media coverage they want. The term brand newsroom is controversial but when implemented with journalistic rigour focusing on editorial – not advertorial – there’s no reason why a brand can’t publish to a satisfied audience.

Brand Newsroom podcast discuss predictions

The Brand Newsroom team discussed their favourite predictions in episode 66. Listen in to hear what resonated with PR, traditional media and content marketing experts.

Check out all the predictions here:

40+ Predictions on Content Marketing in 2016 from Content Marketing Institute
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