Here’s the thing about negativity

Oct 31, 2016
Communications Training

The one thing I’ve learnt over the past few months is that, generally speaking, people are kind, generous, caring and compassionate. Remember that; they are not crazy narcissistic extremists as the media would make you believe. Sadly, the lunatic minority are taking over. So what does that mean for us and what can we do in our day-to-day business?

For the past seven months I presented the Breakfast radio show on the ABC here in Perth. I loved it. Putting your “art” in the shop window each day is always fascinating. But I see similarities with everything we do in business: we are always being judged.

Sometimes we are extremely proud of something only to find that someone passes a negative comment and we assume that is the common consensus. It could be just one dissenting voice, but we give up! How often have you given up on big dreams because one person passed a negative comment?

Be lovers, not haters

To really achieve greatness we need to overcome negative destabilisers. There was a time when in the studio I could get 99 great texts during a show and one negative one. And guess which one I’d remember?

So, just remember, in everything you do there will be lovers and haters. Don’t go down the crazy, narcissistic extremist route because you sense that is the only option today.

Instead be brave, be bold, listen to those that offer feedback, of course, but be strong enough to not give up as soon as you’re blown off your course. Back yourself and turn to experts and believers to make “team you” even stronger.


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