Lush finalists for Agency of the Year at CMAs

Jul 7, 2017
Lush Announcements

Remember the expression “today’s news is tomorrow’s chip wrapping”?

Not so long ago, content was something you threw away when you were done with it. Not so today. Today good content not only survives online for the long haul, it can be found, consumed and shared years after publication.

Best of all, content creation is no longer just the business of a few. Nowadays, brands aren’t restricted to advertising. Now we can all be publishers; we are all the media. And that includes you.

Ninety-two per cent of marketers recently surveyed by the Content Marketing Institute agreed that content is a business asset. It helps you get found by Google and potential consumers and allows you to build your own audience.

It works. We work with brands every single day that are seeing a return on investment from their content marketing because they have their key messages right, have followed a documented and well-researched strategy, and have committed to consistently publishing high-quality content — be it written, video or audio.

Everyone’s a winner with great content

Recently, Lush Digital Media (now Lush – The Content Agency) was named a finalist in the Agency of the Year category at the 2017 Content Marketing Awards, for an agency with fewer than 100 employees. The CMAs are the largest content marketing awards on the planet, so this is pretty cool for us. We’ve won a couple of CMAs in 2015 and 2016, too, including being a finalist last year for Project of the Year. It’s nice recognition that our approach, the “brand newsroom” approach, to content marketing is kicking goals for our clients.

If you’d like help developing the key messages that will give you a competitive advantage, or researching a content strategy that will continue to deliver a return on your investment, or publishing your own content so you can build your own brand and a loyal audience, reach out to our director of content strategy, Sarah Mitchell. She’s been in content marketing and content strategy for more than a decade.

Content Marketing Institute Agency of the Year Finalist 2017 logo - Lush The Content Agency

We’ve assembled the best content creation team in Western Australia — with highly experienced international journalists, broadcasters, videographers, editors and animators, and a fully equipped video and audio production house. And we’re ready to create great content that will continue to work for your brand for the long haul. We don’t do chip wrapping.