The first rule of content marketing: Be patient

Jun 19, 2017
Content Marketing

My husband and I are in the process of relocating to Kansas City (well, actually, he’s there and I’m back in Michigan until our house sells). I recently travelled with him to Missouri to help move into our apartment and to get utilities, phone, internet and cable set up.

While the gas and electric services were a piece of cake to sort out, the internet installation was another story.

I’m not particularly tech savvy and my husband is working crazy hours in his new position, so I wanted a technician to install all of the equipment. And I needed this done on one of the two business days I would be in Kansas City. The friendly scheduler informed me the earliest appointment would be a week away, would be during the day, and could be anywhere within a two-hour time period.

This was definitely not going to work! I was only going to be in Missouri for a short time and there was no way my husband would be able to devote two hours of his workday to waiting for a technician. Though I hate to admit this, I was demanding and impatient. I wanted what I wanted, and I wanted it now. Didn’t he know I had work to do on the internet and an editor to keep happy?

Content marketing is a slow burn, not a quick fix

Aren’t businesses a lot like I was in this instance? We always want results immediately. We have become an instant-gratification society.

It’s the same with our marketing. Oftentimes we try a marketing approach expecting it to instantly produce customers and, when it doesn’t, we toss it and move on to “the next great thing”.

But content marketing, in particular, is a slow burn process. We must realise that “If you build it, they will come”. If we consistently provide information to our audience that entertains and enlightens them, we will eventually see our reward. Patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to content marketing.

I’m happy to report I was given an alternative of picking up internet and cable equipment and installing it myself — which I was nearly successful with. A couple of phone calls mixed with a bit more patience and I was firing emails back to my editor.

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