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Mar 4, 2015
Content Marketing

Whether you’re a podcast tragic looking to discuss Serial at any given time or a morning commuter sick of breakfast radio, podcasts are a great way to find interesting information and entertaining stories.  But what if listening to podcasts could help you strengthen your business potential and gain valuable knowledge about where, what and how to communicate to your customers and clients?

There are several marketing podcasts that can entertain and engage you, all the while getting you thinking critically about your own marketing. So where should you start? A simple search of ‘marketing podcast’ on SoundCloud brings up 254 different channels, and iTunes produces over 500 results from the search terms. To save you hours of listening and searching, we have compiled our list of the top ten marketing podcasts available.


10.  Content Marketing Podcast by Rachel Parker

The first mention in our list goes to a podcast dedicated almost exclusively to the art and skill of content marketing. In this podcast, episodes are released weekly and are hosted by CEO of Resonance Content Marketing, Rachel Parker. Rachel has been running this podcast for two years and has broadcast over 100 episodes in total. All feature great segments such as “News you can use”, which are designed to give you an advantage by staying current with your content marketing topics. If you’re interested in content marketing for your business or brand, Rachel’s podcasts offer useful insights and recommendations to help you execute a content marketing strategy clearly and effectively.


MarketingsmartsLDM  9.  Marketing Smarts

Marketing Smarts is a podcast hosted by Kerry O’Shea Gorgone on behalf of Marketing Profs, a site that allows you to take online courses in marketing. The podcast frequently features well-established guests who offer their own experiences to substantiate their marketing advice. For this reason, the podcast is like an informal case study, giving real-world examples that allow you to learn from the guests’ success and apply their wisdom to your own marketing plans.


  EngagingBrandLDM8. The Engaging Brand

The Engaging Brand podcast was nominated six years running for The Best Business Podcast at The Podcast awards. It’s run by former accountant and financial director Anna Farmery, who describes her own style as “A ball of energy and cram-packed of ideas”, and accordingly her podcasts are bursting with information about social media, branding and business. Rather than getting weighed down in details about specific tactics, Anna chooses to take a step back to examine the big picture of marketing strategy and business skills with an almost philosophical perspective. She achieves this through interviews with guests as well as injecting her own thoughts and opinions into the conversation. Because of her background, Anna’s podcast does err on the side of business when it comes to marketing. It’s definitely a key player in the world of marketing podcasts


PRLDM 7. PNR: This Old Marketing

Hosted by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, these marketing gurus behave like two brothers bouncing ideas, insults and questions off one another. Each week, ‘PNR’ recap content marketing in the news and provide a rave or rant on something they feel is “hard to swallow” in the current marketing world. They also review a “This Old Marketing Example of the Week” showcasing content marketing examples from the distant past.  The structure is consistent from week-to-week but because of the energetic way they review current marketing information, this podcast is anything but repetitive.

DuctTapeMarketing6. Duct Tape Marketing

Boasting the reputation of “the World’s Most Practical Small Business Expert”, author of Duct Tape Marketing and host of the accompanying podcast, John Jantsch possesses a particular skill in understanding the marketing wants and needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs. His blog and podcast have been acknowledged by several reputable sources including Forbes magazine for the practical, achievable strategies he shares with his audience. John posts his podcasts fortnightly, and almost always features guests who support and contribute to his recommendations. If you are a small business owner or budding entrepreneur, this is the podcast for you.


5. Six Pixels of SeparationSixPixelsofseperationsLDM

President of the company Twist Image (now part of the agency ‘Mirium’), Mitch Joel hosts the digital marketing podcast ‘Six Pixels of Separation’.  Through his long and successful career, Mitch has mastered the ability of communicating with a laid-back, approachable style. As a result his podcasts are easy to digest and easy to draw several key messages from. Mitch features experienced guests on his show and challenges them to reach into the core of their beliefs, and to back up their claims with experiences and evidence. The release of the podcast is often timed around releases of marketing books, allowing you to gain a multi-medium understanding of the marketing ideas he references.


4. InternInternetMarketingLDMet Marketing: Insider Tips and Advice for Online Marketing

The Internet Marketing podcast is downloaded by over half a million people worldwide, making it the UK’s most popular internet marketing podcast. The primary host, Andy White; his occasional co-host, Kelvin Newman; and their various guests shy away from meaningless buzzwords, offering a clear and actionable guide to internet marketing. Their particular area of interest and expertise is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). A challenging topic for business owners, the advice on SEO is incredibly useful when communicated in a concise way. The two hosts have wit and personality, but it doesn’t get in the way of their goal to inform and educate.



3.  Marketing Over Coffee

On the list of most loved activities by marketers, talking and coffee top the ranks. This podcast combines both of these loves by hosting a marketing conversation where the hosts, John Wall and Christopher Penn, talk candidly while sipping on coffee throughout the podcast. Although sometimes the sounds of hosts chewing on muffins can be slightly off-putting when amplified in your ear, the activity sets the scene for honest, casual conversation, as when one friend talks to another. The hosts do a great job of ‘translating’ marketing terms and strategies to those who are new to marketing. At the same time, the hosts discuss issues that are current and informative in such a manner that is interesting to marketing aficionados. It’s this ability to span a broad audience that allows Marketing Over Coffee to consistently remain as one of the most-loved marketing podcasts by beginners and experts alike.



2. BeanCast

On their website, The BeanCast proudly claims to be “The Best Marketing Podcast Anywhere”, a hefty statement to make that largely rings true as you find yourself laughing while learning. Each week, host Bob Knorpp brings together a selection of marketing specialists and industry professionals to discuss and debate current issues and events in marketing.  In addition to his role as a leading podcast host, Bob Knorpp is also a professor of marketing strategy and execution at New York University. He is able to bring theoretical insight to recent marketing events often unavailable elsewhere. Unlike many of the previously mentioned podcasts, BeanCast can be up to almost two hours long. This is only testimony to the volume of useful and informative things they have to share with their audience.



1. Brand Newsroom

As the age-old saying goes, “If you want a job done right, you ought to do it yourself”. We couldn’t help but award ourselves the number one spot in our line-up of marketing podcasts. And yes, our decision is made with a healthy dose of self-serving bias, but we also support our claim to brilliance with several key attributes we believe separate us from the pack. Each week our three hosts, James Lush, Sarah Mitchell and Nic Hayes, critically discuss topics and tactics of marketing giving real-world marketing examples and also new perspectives in marketing such as brand journalism and brand storytelling. As it is described in the introduction to the podcast, Brand Newsroom is “a weekly podcast for anyone who has a say in how companies are communicating”, ranging from small business owners to high profile marketing executives. With a particular focus on content marketing and brand journalism, James, Sarah and Nic use their wealth of industry experience to predict future trends, discuss current perspectives and evaluate previous campaigns. With this collection of relevant and interesting topics, the Brand Newsroom podcast is pertinent for a wide range of audiences and adds inspiration and wisdom to your own branding and marketing perspectives.

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By Carla Young

Image Credit: Podcasts anywhere anytime by Francois Schnell