Top Tips on Selecting a Video Production Company

Production company shooting outdoors
Feb 24, 2016
Video Production

There is no arguing that video has cemented its place as a vital tool in any communications strategy — whether it’s a full-scale marketing campaign or a simple message from your CEO. Technology company Cisco predicts video will grow from representing 64 per cent of all consumer internet traffic in 2014 to more than 80 per cent by 2019.

But as the video industry grows so do your options in choosing a production company to help bring your ideas to life.

It can be a tricky road to navigate, with potential wrong turns costing you money and even worse, your reputation.

Here are some vital points to consider when deciding on a company to work with:

Have a face-to-face conversation

Whether it’s a casual catch-up over a cappuccino or a sit-down discussion with all the key people involved, take the time to get together. So much work is done over email and it’s easy to pick up the phone and gather your three quotes, but there is a lot to be said for meeting in person.

Not only do you escape from your desk for a while, you get to talk through your ideas, hear their opinions and get a feel for whether you have the chance of cementing a wonderful future together.

It also gives you a chance to probe them with any questions you might have that can help you make your decision.

If you come away from the meeting more confused than when you went in, it could be a sign that maybe you’ve either had too many double-espressos or, more worryingly, that you are not on the same wavelength.

Ask to see examples

Every production company worth their salt will have examples of their work – don’t be afraid to ask to see them.

It will give you a fantastic feel for what they are capable of producing and what you can expect from the final product. Have they got more variety in their repertoire than the Atlantic City boardwalk in the 1920s? Or are they a one-trick pony with an amazing knack for turning any idea into the same tired, old production?

It’s a fast-moving industry and last year’s techniques and durations quickly become old news. If you are going to invest in a video, the least you can ask for is that it feels fresh and new so people watch it.

Check the credentials

Take time to find out who is going to be bringing your project to life. You’ll want to know:

Do your homework and research the company. Check out their testimonials if they have them. Watch their videos. Can you see a long-term relationship with these people? How can they help you in the future? Maybe they have other services on offer you can benefit from.

It’s essential to find a company you feel comfortable working alongside — one that understands your needs and will be flexible with your requirements. There are enough options in the market you can afford to shop around; just make sure you find a quality company offering you value.

Find your match

When you are looking for the right match for your business, the cheapest option is not necessarily the right one. You do not want to risk having to get an alternative company to fix the mistakes made by the cheapest option. In video production you get what you pay for; don’t risk “doing it on the cheap”. The proof is in the product.

Feel free to get in touch if you have questions about how to select a video production company. There is no obligation to use our services and you’ll get a good cup of coffee at the least.