Video Production: Advance of the Drones

WA coast
Nov 27, 2014
Video Production

There’s only so many ways you can advertise a block of land. After all, grass is not exactly glamorous, is it?

We were recently given this challenge for a company that is selling land to build on. Here’s an example of how effective drones are as a way of capturing stunning aerial footage.

From scientific to stunning 

Here’s another example of a production that we made using a drone to capture images. The brief was for a clean energy initiative. The end product could have potentially been very scientific, complicated and dull for those that have no interest in the industry.

By using a drone we were able to make the product relatable by creating beautiful imagery of an environment that we are all familiar with, a Perth beach and community.

A unique perspective

If you are interested in this style of production feel free to get in touch. It’s amazing what effect a different perspective can make to promote a product or create awareness.