Masterclass: How to Write Business Content Like a Pro

Aug 17, 2017
Communications Training

Everyone writes, but how good are you at getting your point across? Are you finding and telling the right stories for your business? Do words flow out of your fingers and onto your keyboard, or is it one big struggle? Are you happy with the finished product?  Do you spend a lot of time editing the writing of your co-workers and staff? If you’re nodding your head along to any of these questions, you’d better keep reading.

The Internet has dramatically increased the amount of time we spend writing. Email is a legitimate form of communication, one we use for business and in our social lives. Think about it; when was the last time you sent a letter via snail mail?  (Have you seen the price of postage stamps lately?) The immediacy and cost-effectiveness of email is just one of the reasons why we’re writing more than ever before. Consider how often you use social media to connect with your audience. Every tweet, LinkedIn update, Facebook post or rich text update is a demonstration of how effectively you communicate.

Why is writing important to nearly everyone?

Those who know how to write well have a competitive advantage over those who don’t. Writing skills are critical to business performance, especially in this day of ‘content is king’. Whether you’re firing off dozens of emails every week, sending out newsletters, blogging or writing the text for your website, you’re a writer. If you didn’t train as a writer, though, it can be a daunting task to effectively communicate to your customers and prospects. Long gone are the days of having an administrative assistant write your business correspondence. The typing pool and secretarial support vanished with their typewriters, carbon paper and liquid correction fluid several decades ago. We’re left with word processors and spellcheckers, handy tools to crank out text but not very helpful when it comes to producing a well-written document.

How to build your writing muscle

But guess what? Writing is a skill you can improve, and it doesn’t take a lot of pain and suffering to do it.  That’s why we’re super excited to offer a new writing training devoted to helping people become better writers and communicators. Our workshop is half a day of hands-on training that will noticeably improve your written communication skills. Importantly, the workshop exercises are designed for your own writing. We don’t fabricate examples and make you work on unfamiliar text. You bring whatever document you want and we’ll help you get it in shape.

Creating writing champions

Our writing workshop focuses on how you can create engaging, entertaining content by helping you develop a media mindset to your writing. You will learn techniques from experienced journalists Sarah Mitchell and James Lush to help you:

If this sounds like something that would benefit you or anyone in your organisation, why not sign up today? Our courses can take place at the Lush  – The Content Agency office in Perth. Alternatively, we’re very happy to conduct the workshop in your office or at an off-site training facility. We can accommodate individuals or groups of up to 15 people.

Customer testimonials

Here’s what recent clients said about this workshop:

“I loved Sarah’s approach. She was warm, engaging and easy to talk to. It was such a nice change to see workshop facilitators using their own work, too, and seeing there is always room for improvement, no matter how many times you read something.”


“Thanks so much for delivering one of the best staff training workshops that I’ve attended in a long, long time. Our staff is equally fired up and feeling so excited, informed and confident about working on their own writing and editing the work of others. Your session was practical, respectful, motivating and entertaining and now better still, you’ve given us a fresh bunch of bolshie ‘Writing Champions’. Sadly the people who didn’t attend are feeling they really missed out…mission accomplished, again!”