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One piece of well written copy has the power to form a lifelong connection between an audience and brand. It’s what drives us as a content marketing agency.

Understanding that audiences don’t want to read about you is the first step to constructing compelling copy. Why? Because they couldn’t care less. They want to read about themselves and what your brand can do to make their world better, easier, faster, safer, happier and so on. A copywriter must ask themselves: what pain points does my audience have and how does the brand’s product, service, ideas or culture solve them? 

Knowing how to answer these questions effectively is where our expertise on media, culture and audience segmentation come into play. We use this knowledge to construct compelling copy that speaks to your audience, not at them. We know how to make sure your copy stands out – but not for the wrong reasons. If there’s one piece of advice you take away from Lush, it’s that you must always ensure your writing is culturally sensitive to avoid putting your foot in your mouth, or worse – permanently damaging your brand’s reputation. 

All too often, your audience’s attention will immediately break away from copy that subconsciously feels too ‘corporate’ or lacks humanity. That’s why our team endeavours to implement strategic and creative choices that give the copy personality, all the while speaking to your key messages and adhering to your brand’s identity.

Then, there’s the journalistic bloodline that pulses through each copywriting job. When we write copy, it’s with deep insights that are timely and have an editorial edge. People want to read what we write because it feels captivating and informative, so it adds value to their lives in two important dimensions.

What copywriting services do we offer?

Blog writing services

Being one of Perth’s premiere blog content agencies, we specialise in producing relevant and engaging blog content for your website. The pieces our writing teams create are strategic and written with purpose. Having this content on your website is important because producing regular written content has become somewhat of an industry standard. This is due to their power to bolster your SEO.

They can also position your brand as a thought leader and stimulate brand loyalty if the articles themselves are engaging and useful enough to encourage audience retention. All of which are invaluable assets.

Our process: your trusted blog content agency

To get the most out of your blog content, our team needs to understand what value you want them to be adding to your brand whether it be driving traffic, building credibility, starting a conversation, or all of the above. If defining the value you want derived from blog content is an obstacle, we have strategies in place to help define this in an efficient manner so editorial can get to work as soon as possible.

We always write within your business objectives, your brand direction, and with a sophisticated SEO strategy in mind to build relevant blogs that are useful to your target audiences. This is to avoid web clicks that end in an inflated bounce rate because the content is not what the audience expected or wanted.

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