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Our staff found that the training really helped demystify the media and improved our confidence in getting our work and expertise out to a much broader audience. The great thing about working with Lush is that it was an overall media workshop; it didn’t just involve straight media training of person to camera or one on one interviews; it also made us hone and improve our communication skills, which has been great whether we were talking to the media or working on a presentation.
Susan Kreemer Pickford, Engineers Australia.
I found the Lush team to be incredibly service-minded and passionate in their approach to what we do; they definitely add value to our business, but we feel they genuinely adopted our company during their research and put themselves in the seat next to us to intimately understand our business.
Cal Doggett, Properties & Pathways.
Our increased website traffic and general engagement with our audience has been clearly reflected in our stats (visitor numbers doubled between November 2016 and July 2017). The relationship with Lush works because Dan and Sarah listen to what we want and respect the business logic behind what we want to achieve.
Jessica Kerr, Mining People International.