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APM Corporate Video

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  • Location: Perth, WA
  • Completed: January 2018
  • Client: APM

When “corporate video” becomes a four-letter word

APM (Advanced Personal Management) came to Lush with a tight deadline and a desire to create an anti-corporate corporate video. While they historically led the way in content marketing, their competitors had caught up. It was time to rethink the creative strategy and break repetitive patterns for the next content campaign. The objectives were set:

  • Highlight the support APM offers for people with a disability/illness
  • Create an anti-corporate corporate video that sets APM apart in style and delivery
  • Propel APM back into their position of leadership and innovation

Our creative (and technical) approach

We disregarded the standard testimonial style in favour of a show-vs-tell perspective. We became part of the subjects’ worlds and, in that, acted as a catalyst between the audience and the people who APM have helped. With 24 hours in Bundaberg and 6 films to shoot, our team really embraced APM’s campaign focus ‘Let’s Get to Work’.

We needed to pull APM out of that saturation and produce client stories that pushed the boundaries and offered a new perspective.

Alex Lush, Head of Production, Lush.

Our creative direction meant authenticity propelled us far beyond choreography. We broke the corporate formula by moving from brand key messages to human voices, from artificial studio lighting towards natural light, and we ditched tripods for off-the-shoulder filming. This meant that APM were now able to own a film style and break away from their competitors while strengthening their visual brand assets.

We came to Lush because we needed something that had the power to break the moulds of tradition. Yes, we wanted to show what we do and how we support people with disability and illness, but we also needed to find the essence of our brand and bring that to market too.

Corey Stephenson, Content Manager, APM.