MatchWorks: a resource to tackle family violence

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MatchWorks came to Lush with a simple goal: To create a resource that could help organisations to better tackle the issue of family violence in their workplace.

Every week one woman is killed and every month one man is killed by a current or former partner.

These chilling results were found in a 2018 study by The Australian institute of Health and Welfare, and are some of the statistics discussed in MatchWorks’ whitepaper.

As a non-for-profit employment service, MatchWorks are regularly in close contact with both employees and employers. They felt it extremely beneficial to use this position to draw attention to an undeniably important topic. MatchWorks brought on Lush to develop a resource that might alleviate the strain on managers and create a better environment for potential employees.

“It’s an ongoing valuable resource for employers to refer to if they want some practical strategies to put in place for their management.”

Sophy Chirnside, MatchWorks Communications Coordinator

The whitepaper is a highly valuable and in-depth report that could effectively express the detail and sophistication that this topic warrants. Our editorial department worked closely with MatchWorks to ensure the right amount of research and attention was put into the piece.

The paper specifically covers three highly vulnerable groups:

The risk of family violence is higher for women and men within these groups; a fact that that many people are unaware of. The whitepaper aims to bring about education and support for employees, in hopes of creating a better environment for all workers.

[We’re] really just trying to give employers and colleagues, a resource, with strategies about how they can tackle it if they’ve got someone who’s experiencing it and how they can best support them.

Sophy Chirnside, MatchWorks Communications Coordinator