Brand Journalism Opportunities for the Taking

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Feb 16, 2015
Content Copywriting

Let me share a secret. You’re not the only one scrambling to create enough content. Believe it or not, plenty of traditional news media, industry associations and trade periodicals are struggling to produce high-quality, original content. And guess what? This provides an excellent opportunity for brands.

How to find a brand journalism opportunity

Marketing managers and managing editors are under the pump to publish magazines, newsletters and blog posts on a regular basis. Often these departments are severely understaffed and one person may be wearing many hats – and often doing all the writing. An offer of high quality, original content is usually snapped up, especially if you can deliver an article devoid of a hard sell for your particular product or service.

It may sound like an aggressive approach but you’d be surprised how easy it is to get your writing published, especially if you’re not concerned about payment. If you’re also not worried about getting a byline – and you shouldn’t be if you can control the editorial message – then you’re likely to have even more success.

 Requirements for publication

Getting agreement to produce a first draft isn’t that hard but then you must deliver a quality product. It’s essential your brand journalists identify the following:

Once you have these requirements agreed upon, it’s essential to:


Benefits of brand journalism

It’s easy to get focused on building your own content but you shouldn’t forget about the opportunity for earned media. Write in a journalistic style without pushing your products and services and you’ll find editors are quite willing to publish your content in their publication. The major advantage is your company is featured in publications that have a larger or different reach than your own content properties. You open your brand up to a wider audience and enhance the authority of your subject matter experts and executive management. Nearly everyone working in publishing and broadcasting is understaffed and forced to get by with small budgets. Approach industry associations and trade publications and offer to produce interviews, Q&A pieces or articles on trends in your sector.

Brand journalism resources

To gain influence with traditional media, sign up to Media Stable to get your content in front of TV, radio and newspaper journalists. The Australian Writer’s Marketplace is a good way to find publications specific to Australia willing to work with freelance writers. (That would be you.) Writer’s Market is an excellent resource for US and Canadian publications. The opportunity for earned media is yours for the taking and using brand journalism techniques makes it easier than you may realise. Get in touch if you have any questions on how to get your stories published.