Should happy employees be your next marketing tactic?

Sep 4, 2017
Content Marketing

Does your organisation show off the happiness of its employees? Most growing businesses know the value of showcasing satisfied employees insofar as it can improve recruitment processes, save time and money, and increase access to top levels of talent. Yet what most businesses fail to realise is the happiness of employees can actually affect a customer’s perception of product and service value — making it a great, inexpensive marketing tool accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Employee satisfaction having a positive correlation with customer satisfaction is nothing new; many empirical studies from the past half century have proved as much. Of particular note, Vilares and Cohelo (2000) found that perceived employee satisfaction, loyalty, and commitment had a significant impact on perceived product and service quality.

This approach isn’t just for the “Kumbaya” organisations out there. It’s a tangible, scientifically proven phenomenon with some pretty outstanding statistics to match. Consider that a study published in the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology (2012) found the link between employee engagement and customer satisfaction to be:

Promoting employee satisfaction

If you’ve got happy employees and you want to share it with your customers, a great place to start is social media posts. Social media posts, for example showing employee interactions, social events, examples of organisational culture, internal projects and organisational opportunities, clearly demonstrate employee satisfaction without seeming forced or staged. A lot can be done not just through your social media marketing but also through your content marketing strategy to promote employee satisfaction.

Authenticity in communicating employee satisfaction

This brings me to a very important point. If you’re going to preach about how happy your employees are, it comes across as a lot more believable and authentic if you let your employees do the talking. Let your employees post online about their satisfaction and send them to industry events where they can tell other people in person about it. Empower them to have a voice, and let them do your marketing for you.

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