16 valuable tips if you want to start a podcast

Sep 6, 2017
Audio Production

Recording the weekly Brand Newsroom podcast is the most fun I have every week. I know my co-hosts Nic Hayes and James Lush feel the same way. I didn’t have any broadcast experience when I started, so it was stressful for me. We didn’t always make it easy for ourselves on the production end, either. After nearly three years, we’re ticking along like a well-oiled machine and enjoying it more than ever. 

Essential list of podcasting resources

Reflecting on the recording of the Brand Newsroom podcast, I realised how much I would have appreciated having this information when starting out.

Here is my ‘go-to’ list of resources I recommend to people who have recently started a podcast or are thinking about starting one:

Podcasting tips from 3 years of Brand Newsroom

In addition, six helpful habits have improved our show immeasurably. In the beginning we were winging it. Some weeks we had good topic ideas and were organized in advance. Other weeks we scrambled to find a time everyone was in the office. A couple of times we didn’t have a topic when we arrived in the studio. Here’s what we found helped:

Recording a podcast and producing a great show are two separate things. We’ve learned a lot over the years to help us put out a better product. Showing up for the recording is the easiest part. All the other work that goes into the production is what guarantees your listeners will keep coming back.

Where to get help producing a podcast

If you’d like help developing your own podcast, drop us a line at Lush – The Content Agency. We’re experts in all kinds of audio, video and written content marketing. A podcast is a great addition to any content marketing strategy.