Time to move onwards and upwards…

Jul 25, 2014
Video Production

The Lush Team are on the move!

We’ve moved from Money to Lord (it has a ring doesn’t it). Our lovely home in Money Street, Perth, has become a little on the cramped side and so we’re moving to Lord Street – something far more spacious that allows us to have our own TV and Radio studios as well.

We’re moving in the right direction hopefully. To mark the occasion and to celebrate the fact that we’ve just completed our 1100 video production this week, we thought we’d share the 5 essential tips to making a successful video production!

To be honest we could probably give you a thousand different ‘ingredients,’ but since we swear by the adage that less is more, here goes!

1) Have a plan!

Preparation is the most important attribute in creating a successful video. What are you doing the production for? Who’s your audience? What do you want them to do with it? How does this fit in with everything else the organisation is creating? Are there more productions that could form a series? The more time you spend getting this right the more impact you will have.

2) Be different!

Trust me, there is a lot of ‘noise’ out there and it’s only going to increase! So, it’s vital that you think outside the box – over 100 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every minute, so your idea needs to stand out from the crowd. Be as creative as you can and think about how you are going to reach your audience once you’ve made your video.

These days you can’t just stick a video on Youtube and expect it to reach the people you want it to reach. If you expect your video to go viral get ready for disappointment, and be cautious of anyone who claims they can make that happen for you!”

3) Tell a story that your audience can engage with.

Start with the audience in mind by understanding who they are and what they like. Tell a story and create meaningful content and most important of all don’t try to sell them anything! It’s not about you – it’s about them!

4) Come up with a theme.

Ideas and themes are far more important than budgets. We reckon we can create something really clever even when working to a very tight budget. Think of a novel way to explain or demonstrate your message – and think laterally! It goes back to point two – if your idea is different it will stand out. Also, if you have a theme happening, it’s easy to then create other content to back up the videos that you produce. I know we always say, don’t blow your own trumpet, but we’re really proud of “the heart of a dancer” series that we have created for WA Ballet and Woodside. By theming an idea that works for both organisations we end up with double whammy, and something that looks great too!

5) Be a brutal editor!

No one wants to sit through a boring 15-minute corporate video any more (mind you I’m not sure they ever did – it’s old-fashioned and ineffective. We are often asked – how long should the production be? The answer is very simple – if it’s good it really doesn’t matter too much! BUT, it has to be GOOD! Generally speaking we aim for around 90 seconds on average, with some being shorter and some longer. But always ask yourself – will my audience find this interesting and useful?

Hope you find this of value – now where has that Removal Van got to?