Using experts to create great blogs

Jan 18, 2017
Content Copywriting

If you’re part of a team writing for a corporate blog, you might feel sometimes like you’re thrown in the deep end with writing tasks. Even for our own blog, it’s not uncommon to hear members of the Lush team ruminating about whether or not they’re qualified to give advice on a certain topic. Although these concerns often come down to issues of self-confidence, it can be true that sometimes you’re not quite the best person for the job.

The good news is it’s perfectly okay and could actually be what allows you to create one of your best blog posts yet. Blogging doesn’t mean you have to be an authority on everything. Nearly all of the best blog writers use experts as a shortcut to quality content.

Know someone better for the job? Go find them

What makes an awesome blog is original, high-quality information delivered in an interesting, engaging way. So if you’ve got a colleague, friend or associate who has expert knowledge in the area you’re covering, interview them for their information and handle the delivery yourself. While interviewing your subject you should take notes to get a grasp for the general concepts they’re covering, but also record direct quotes to add credibility and a human element to your story.

Give them credit

Of course with any information provided by someone else, especially direct quotes, you’ll need to credit them. In your blog be sure to give your subject’s name, company and role if relevant, and ask them during your interview whether they’d like you to provide links to their website, social media profiles or product pages.

Giving someone credit for their knowledge doesn’t mean you can’t sign your name at the end of your blog. Instead, you can frame the piece as a journey of your own discovery, perhaps starting with the questions you had about the topic initially, whom you consulted for their knowledge and why you consulted them.

Know when to pass the baton

If even with an expert opinion you still find blogging a chore, it might be time to consider outsourcing your content production to an agency. With a team of internationally acclaimed journalists, Lush – The Content Agency creates strategic blogs for clients of all industries and sizes. Contact us today.