Why 3D modelling is perfect for your next video

3D modelling corporate video
Jul 19, 2017
Video Production

How do you sell something if it doesn’t exist yet?

It’s not a trick question. It’s a real-life business dilemma. How do you show a prospective buyer how fantastic it would be to live in an off-the-plan apartment, for example?

 And how do you show your audience something that’s impossible to film — like blood cells travelling through your veins, or the inside of an engine.

 The answer is with 3D modelling. It’s a special kind of animation that allows you to visually represent whatever it is you need to show your audience, when you can’t show them the actual thing itself. It can really make your video production sing!

 Let’s have a look at some examples:



3D modelling animation is not as expensive as you think

3D animation is particularly popular with industries like architecture and property development, interior design, medicine, gaming, stage design, and filmmaking. Although it’s filmmaking we probably think of most often when it comes to animation, it doesn’t take a Hollywood budget to create a high-quality, engaging, 3D model animation.


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Depending on the scope of what is required, an experienced video production house will be able to create an animation that will demonstrate your product perfectly, in a way that your audience will find eye-catching and engaging.

3D models show size and dimension

What’s so great about 3D models is that they can animate your product exactly. The animator will use your measurements and dimensions, right off your drawings or plans, then turn them into an exact-scale replica of your product. This is why 3D animation is so incredibly popular in interior design: It allows designers to rearrange virtual furniture in a virtual room — both being exact replicas of the real thing.

3D animation removes barriers

We experience the world in 3D. If a picture paints a thousand words, that’s amplified hundreds of times over when you can see an object from all angles. Our brains are designed to understand the things we see very quickly.

If you include a 3D animation in your product or corporate video, it means you can remove a lot of the clutter around it. You can do with less explanation — fewer words on screen, less explanation from the narrator. Instead, your audience can easily see and intuit what’s in front of them. That means when you do put words on the screen, or use a voiceover, those messages have more impact.


If you’re interested in including 3D modelling animation in your next corporate video, or want to talk about what can be achieved by an animator for your brand, using this technology, give the team at Lush – The Content Agency a call.