How to write a winning award entry

Dec 4, 2017
Content Copywriting

Are you entering awards? Are you winning your categories? If you’re not having the success you deserve, the culprit is probably the award application. More to the point, the problem is the way you’re filling out the application. Read on if you’d like an unfair advantage in the next awards contest you enter.

Secrets from the judging panel

Every year I judge several categories in the Content Marketing Awards, including the big one, Content Marketer of the Year. I also run seminars on behalf of Business News for their 40under40 Awards to help improve the quality of the applications. Both programs hold enough prestige to provide a launching pad for the next career move of the winners. Every year I weep with frustration at what could have been because often the best candidate does not get selected.

Why? Because their award entry lets them down. In too many cases, the judges can’t give the award to the best person because the entry didn’t reflect the brilliance of the candidate or project.  The saddest part is it’s not that hard to rise above everyone else by writing a winning award entry.

15 tips to writing a better award entry

If you’d like to win the next award program you enter, here’s how you can do it. 

Doing great work is no guarantee you’ll win any words. You need to write a killer award submission to demonstrate to the judges exactly why you should win. Leave no stone unturned and don’t assume the judges will do any work on your behalf. (They won’t.) Spoon feed them everything, wrap it up in an easily digestible package and make sure to follow all the rules. If you do, you’re already ahead of the game. 

Getting to the top of the award’s pile

If you’d like help making your next award entry, get in touch with us. We can work with you to draw out your great stories, write a winning entry and help you take home the next trophy for your shelf. We’ve been on both sides of the judging table enough to know what works and what works better.