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The Brief

Lynette Abbott is a leading expert in soil health. She came to Lush saying she had a lot of information on her website that was really detailed but she wanted to bring it alive somehow, in order to make it more accessible.

It was going to be a mammoth task because Lyn had so much information to share, but she was keen to turn this extensive knowledge and research into a series of seven videos that were accessible even to people who didn’t have a PhD in soil fertility.

The Solution

The answer was to create a series of animated videos. Lush’s expert video producer wrote the first script and sent it to Lyn for approval. Our animator was provided with Lyn’s brand guidelines and colours and developed the environment in which he would set the videos.

Our animator used easy-to-understand graphics with an element of mild humour to keep the viewer involved.

The Result

The result was a series of videos that simplifies Lyn’s website copy and brings it to life.

She’s jubilant!